Our mission

We are driven by a purpose: to build a new generation of digital events platform that combines all the elements of a social media platfor

To this end, we know how vital it is for students to meet their peers, future tutors and support network during the application process.

We build responsible technology to facilitate this. We embrace privacy and safeguarding by design. We understand the motivation for many students isn’t purely academic, it is finding that sense of belonging.

Our team

Our senior team has over 90 years’ collective experience in technology, events and marketing across The Financial Times, Times Higher Education, CASE, Tes Global and independent events consultancy. This experience provides the perfect foundation for creating a new platform ready to meet the challenges which companies must overcome to support their virtual events within their client communities.

Emma Darwin

Co-Founder and CEO

Previously Times Higher Education’s Content Director and CASE Europe’s Head of Educational Programmes until establishing Assemble Events in 2019. Approaching a decade of delivering international events, Emma has become a true advocate for taking them beyond their face value. They inspire collaborations, build communities and can transfer knowledge across borders.

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Emma Dawin - Union Spaces
Chris Smith - Union Spaces

Chris Smith

Co-Founder and CTO

Chris has been developing world-class digital products for 15 years: first at Orange (now EE), then at the Financial Times, and most recently as Chief Product Officer at Times Higher Education, before taking a break from the office to be a full-time dad. If you’ve used a THE data product or institutional content subscription, read an article on the FT, or used an Orange Wednesdays cinema ticket (remember them?), then you’ve benefitted from his work already.

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Dan Skinner

Director of Design, Brand & UX

Dan has been designing digital products since the early days of the Web in the late 90s. He has led the design teams at the Financial Times and the Daily Mail as well as at companies ranging from online estate agencies to major charities. He has designed numerous award-winning websites and apps for phones, tablets, TVs, watches and cars.

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Dan Skinner - Union Spaces
Terra Schultz - Union Spaces

Terra Schultz

US Sales Director

With twenty years in leadership roles in sales and marketing, Terra is passionate about helping clients fulfill their mission. She’s spent the last year bringing her marketing street cred to the classroom while pursuing her Masters in Urban Higher Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

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Peter Sigrist

Head of Engagement

Peter has worked at the leading edge of brand and corporate communications for 20 years in fields as diverse as finance, technology, media, consumer brand and education. He was head of communications at Tes Global, responsible for engagement with teachers, school leaders, universities and governments in the UK and worldwide.

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Pete Sigrist - Union Spaces