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Case study: Russell Group client offer-holder days

98% of applicants surveyed say event run on the Union Spaces platform made them more likely to choose our client

Make safeguarding simpler

Wouldn’t life be easier if the team working on your university’s virtual student recruitment events only had to learn one

Students in masks
Lean in: A new era of student recruitment – is your university ready?

Covid-19 has permanently disrupted the events landscape. This time last year, many universities were rapidly trying to work out how

Focus on school student recruitment
Innovate and adapt: business school recruitment 2021

“The 2020 application season for graduate business schools was unlike any other. The pandemic-induced uncertainty impacted the decisions of b-schools

virtual recruitment events
Top 10 virtual student recruitment takeaways for 2020

What have the UK’s universities learned about virtual student recruitment this year? Last week I had the fun job of

Chart showing Influencer by Academic Level
Analysis: Applicant retention is about building long-term community connections

Research shows how applicants can be helped to feel they belong, despite the absence of face-to-face events As lockdowns remain

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Investment in virtual student recruitment is the right strategy, irrespective of Covid-19

Building a fully-integrated virtual student recruitment strategy for applicants is the right long-term move, financially and socially “The Covid-19 crisis

Student worries when applying to university chart
Analysis: Pre-applicants worry virtual open days won’t meet their needs

Source: UCAS Media / YouthSite research: Planning for 2021 Understanding the mindset of the 2021 cohort and where they are

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A new student recruitment architecture

Union Spaces puts all the technology features required for virtual recruitment into one cost-effective, scalable platform designed to meet a

Streaming video channels and small-group video sessions

Union Spaces simplifies and improves delivery of rich video content and interactive experiences for prospective applicants and university admissions teams