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98% of applicants surveyed say event run on the Union Spaces platform made them more likely to choose our client university


Summary and client comment

Our client, a Russell Group member among the top ranked universities in the UK and globally, partnered with us to build a socially enabled events platform in which it was easy for applicants and university staff alike to interact and build connections over the course of many simultaneous live video and live chat sessions, held on multiple days.

The platform remains in situ after the event for applicants and staff, as an always-on experience, to extend conversations where appropriate, continuing to build a network of influence around, and the feeling of belonging among, prospective students.

A member of senior leadership within marketing and events at the university said:

We were delighted with the feedback we received from those attending our recent event, the functionality developed by Union Spaces really helped prospective students engage with us on the day itself and beyond


Event statistics

Over the course of one event day in May 2021:

  • 1,106 offer holders
  • 189 staff members
  • 55 countries represented among offer holders (incl. China)
  • 52 live video sessions
  • 24.6 page views per user
  • 8,213 live video views
  • 1,982 on-demand video views
  • 1,080 users who engaged with chat
  • 3,125 total chat messages



Over the course of the May event, offer holders were asked for feedback in response to three questions:

  1. Did you find the information you needed today? (Yes / No)
  2. Did today’s event make you more or less likely to choose [university name]? (Yes / No)
  3. If less likely, why? (optional; free text)

The result was an overwhelming vote of confidence from prospective students for the Union Spaces approach:

0 %
Said they were more likely to choose our client university after attending
0 %
Said they had found all the information they needed from the day
(Feedback was received from 4.5% of offer holders in attendance on the day.)


Union Spaces: The unified student-recruitment platform

Union Spaces works by building a network of influence around your applicants, reinforced with every message exchanged, question answered, event attended and connection made, helping them feel the true sense of belonging and community which already exists at your institution.

We take a long-term approach to supporting your virtual student recruitment, including with hybrid events: working through the entire applicant cycle to establish and nurture relationships between prospective students and your institution, in a unified platform.

Our goal is to make the experience of virtual and hybrid student recruitment simpler – for both applicants and university staff alike.

If you would like to find out more about how Union Spaces works, please request a demo.

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