Engage prospective international students without being constrained by geography, technology, budget, time-zone.

A data-driven approach to inform and drive engagement throughout student recruitment journey

Union Spaces brings prospective international students closer to universities wherever they may be by being there every step of the application journey. Fully integrated with your CRM system, our data-driven approach allows universities to leverage student insights to inform and drive their recruitment event strategies forward.

We understand that there is no one size that fits all when it comes to engaging prospective international students, that’s why our platform provides a suite of events functionality allowing you to blend online and offline events to enhance the application journey and maximise your enrollment. 

Union Spaces unique approach allows users to connect around special interest groups in a community-driven approach. Recruitment teams can create bespoke communities which meet the needs and interests of the applicant from subject-specific info to more bespoke groups addressing the needs of international students from international student life, country-specific info, visa support or language requirements. Allowing students to not only connect with student ambassadors, faculty and admissions/recruitment teams but each other for reassurance, increase confidence and feel a sense of belonging that exists at your institution.  

Key Product Features

1. Host Events

Every event is different, Union Spaces offers the flexibility to host the right event type to meet your objective from large scale live streaming of sessions through to intimate participant-led workshops.

2. Community connections

Safeguarding and moderation feature set, including privacy by design, reporting and monitoring to provide a safe space for your community to enjoy. Click here to view our safeguarding blog. 

3. Data Driven

A community driven approach to guide students through their journey of discovery of higher education, allowing them to participate together in discussions and forums whenever they need.

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