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Having invested in the recruitment process, universities suddenly find themselves in the dark. With early attempts at virtual open days failing to meet the mark, recruitment teams are looking for answers.

We think we have them. Are you ready to embrace blended recruitment?

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Everyone’s talking about how to create meaningful online engagement to foster belonging. The question is: how do you achieve it?

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In the rush by technology providers to try and replicate all the elements of a traditional recruitment process, especially at the virtual open days themselves, universities and prospective students are now weighed down by a complex stack of technologies layered on top of one another.


Rather than supporting a legacy business, our approach has been designed especially for the new normal. Union Spaces fosters belonging first by simplifying everything, taking away impediments and poor user experience, allowing universities and students to spend their time establishing fruitful relationships.


Union Spaces is a welcoming place where prospective students can meet faculty, student advocates and fellow candidates – in a single location. Universities can host events, facilitate discussions, book one-to-one conversations and show live and pre-recorded video – in a single location. It provides a single student view, meaning you can gain better insights into what’s working and where to improve.


Built on web standards that work universally, including in China, we believe now is the time for universities to embrace blended recruitment. Don’t miss the boat, book a demo today.

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