A permanent scaleable home for your community to help raise awareness, build confidence and improve access

Host events, nurture relationships, connect individuals and have conversations - all in a safe, integrated environment.

Union Spaces is a perfect permanent, scalable home to create meaningful engagement with prospective students alongside long term relationships with key influencers at schools, colleges, charities, local authorities, school/academy trusts – all in a safe, integrated environment.

Simplicity is at the heart of Union Spaces bringing together a suite of events functionality, hybrid enabled, to allow you the flexibility to blend your events and engagement activities as your community needs in one digital space. And as a result giving you unparalleled data and user insights, to help inform and drive the impact of your Access and Participation Plans.

Our unique community approach provides an always-on experience for users and allows them to personalise their experience around their interests and needs. Fully customisable, universities can structure the platform to represent the communities, events and engagements that you have.

Designed with safeguarding at the core, we understand that every interaction counts for a student from every question answered, relationship forged and event attended supports students to increase their knowledge, build confidence and take their next steps towards higher education.

Key Product Features

1. Host events

Every event is different, Union Spaces offers the flexibility to host the right event type to meet your objective from large scale live streaming of sessions through to intimate participant-led workshops.

2. Create a safe space

Safeguarding and moderation feature set, including privacy by design, reporting and monitoring to provide a safe space for your community to enjoy. Click here to view our safeguarding blog. 

3. Community connections

A community driven approach to guide students through their journey of discovery of higher education, allowing them to participate together in discussions and forums whenever they need.

4. Data driven

One place to review and analyse the impact of your events and activities, helping you to understand the needs of your community.

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